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does game freak have even more surprises in store for pokemon fans?
I only say this because the three kanto starters all get mega evolutions and the player will be able to pick one of the three during their journey, but blazikin is getting a special distribution date and was seen in the new pokemon xy anime teaser. why is that?
Also game freak shocked a lot of old fans by not only bringing attention back to mewtwo, older generation pokemon via mega evolutions, and the announcement of pokemon the origin. Showing game freak is very much aware of their fans and what some have been asking for and yet they still refuse to make a gen three remake.
but is the emphasis on blazikin in both the games and anime some hint that maybe old characters like May and her blaziken may be returning like she did once before? (since we still don't know exactly where this new region is located) or maybe this could be hinting that they do wish to please their fans with a third gen remake that they didn't want to release after having pokemon diamond, pearl, platinum, heart gold, soul silver, black, black 2, white, and white 2 all on the same console. and maybe that also wanted to release a game that would make most pokemon fans get a 3ds so they can make the the gen 3 remake for 3ds
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TerraHawk Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2014
Hi. First, I'd like to say you are most welcome for the fave. I really love the design and coloring of your eevee. Now, on to Pokemon Dreams! I have been thinking, since they incorporated elements of Crystal into Heart Gold/Soul Silver, they may do likewise for Ruby/Sapphire, with Emerald incorporated into the other two titles. Lets hope they retool them for 3DS.
But my all time #1 pokemon dream game is a 3DS re-do of Pikachu Yellow, with adventures in the Orange Islands (which, strangely, never made it to game format) followed by a trip to Jhoto. That's right, just like HG/SS.
But you know what else would be great? Have the games give the players the option of having their lead pokemon walking with the trainer, OR all in their pokeballs. For the element of surprise, when you don't what other players to know what your leadoff pokemon is. Maybe I'm asking too much...?
Guess we'll hafta wait and see. ^^
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